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September 5th 2019
December 5th 2019

October 2nd 2019Download Meeting Handout

“What’s Awesome in 2020!”

See it and believe it.

Presented by:
Brad“ Hassell

Brad Hassell Technical Account Manager Daleville, Virginia A motivated, dynamic, and creative problem solver, Brad has nearly 15 years of experience in several industries including large mobile hydraulic equipment, research tools, consumer electronics, business tool development, and analytics. His most recent experience includes 6 years as an application and custom design engineer working closely with customers to find solutions to their unique needs. Brad's experience has helped him to refine and find creative applications for lean process, design for manufacture, and practical machine and system design. A degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia tech, a diverse 17 years of CAD experience, and hands-on hobbies in the automotive fabrication and mechatronics genres converge to give Brad a strong repertoire and innovative approach to project definition, concepting, and implementation regardless of size or scope

November 7th 2019Download Meeting Handout

Certification Preparation Sheet Metal

You can believe this sheet!

Presented by:
Justin Lingerfelt

Justin Lingerfelt is an application engineer with TriMech and has held that position for several years. Prior to joining the reseller world, Justin spent 8 years as a mechanical designer. Justin is a current Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) and offers support through demonstrations, and customer consultations/design reviews.