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August 2nd 2018
No Meeting In August! Enjoy your time off.
September 6th 2018
“Industry 4.0: How the Shop Floor Needs to be Revolutionized
October 4th 2018
Virtual Reality? Is it virtually real or is it really virtual?

June 7th 2018Download Meeting Handout

DriveWorks - Let's get certified!

DriveWorksXpress, the free design automation tool that sits inside every seat of SOLIDWORKS. Heather will also be presenting on the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification program.

Presented by:
Heather Hasz

Heather Hasz is the Brand and Community Ambassador for DriveWorks Ltd. Heather spends a large part of her time working and networking with technical resources to assist with presenting on DriveWorks at SOLIDWORKS User Groups in North America and other parts of the world. Heather has a strong background in program development, project management and building relationships. She holds her B.S. in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. She lives in the Northeast with her husband Earl, daughter Abbey and their 2 dogs (who she refers to as her 'interns'). Before joining the DriveWorks team, Heather spent eight (8) years working for SOLIDWORKS where, she helped manage the SOLIDWORKS Partner Program. Those that are veterans to SOLIDWORKS World may recognize her as the former "voice" of the Partner Pavilion. In her spare time, you may find Heather out on a run or walking her dogs. She also likes to camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her husband or catching local live music in her community.

June 7th 2018Download Meeting Handout

Brewing with Electricity – The SOLIDWORKS Electric Brewery (link)

This presentation is for the inner brewer in us all. We’ll have a look at home brewing and how I have taken a hobby and applied it to my day job at SOLIDWORKS. The topics we’ll cover are the steps in brewing beer; how I took a DIY kit and applied it to SOLIDWORKS Electrical; where can we go from there with these other SOLIDWORKS Electrical Engineering tools.

Presented by:
Earl Hasz

Earl has been with SOLIDWORKS since the fall of ’99. In that time he has seen the growth of the product from one product to a wide array of products that it is today. During the early part of his career at SOLIDWORKS, Earl managed the API Support team and helped to define the interfaces that are used by those additional products as well as range of partner products. Today, Earl manages the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Engineering Technical Sales team in North America specifically SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PCB.

July 12th 2018Download Meeting Handout

Kenesto - Is your head in a cloud?

Presented by:
Leslie Minasian

Leslie Minasian, Vice President, Partnerships and Alliances has more than 25 years of experience building partnerships and alliances that enhance systems and technologies to streamline product development and lifecycle processes. Leslie’s experience has resulted in establishing channel sales and partner product infrastructures that promote the collaboration of distributed production and design teams across the global supply chain. In addition to having an extensive global sales, partner, channel and reseller network, Leslie has advised companies with their go-to-market strategies, including prototyping, debugging, use-cases, messaging and co-branding campaigns. Prior to joining Kenesto, she worked at SpaceClaim making early introductions to Ansys additionally work Active Endpoints, now Informatica expanding her engineering knowledge to the BPM/IT world. Working with Mike Payne, the co-founder of PTC, SolidWorks, and SpaceClaim, she was among a founding group of employees that led to the product technology leader PTC being publicly traded. Leslie earned a BS in Information Systems from Northeastern University.

November 8th 2018Download Meeting Handout

SOLIDWORKS Tools: Things you should know about!

This presentation provides an introduction to SOLIDWORKS Tools you should know about. How to navigate and maintain your files without losing your references. How to capture and share your SOLIDWORKS settings. How to automate and schedule some of those more tedious tasks. And most importantly, some tips and tricks on how to properly maintain and troubleshoot your installation. This talk is focused on tools outside of SOLIDWORKS that will make your daily usage more pleasant. I like to call it “everything you need to know about SOLIDWORKS...without SOLIDWORKS.”

Presented by:
Rachel York

Rachel York is the Community and User Advocacy Manager for DS SOLIDWORKS. She’s a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, a former user group leader (user group leader of the year 2011), a former reseller application engineer (taught and provided technical support for SOLIDWORKS products), and she’s a huge fan of the SOLIDWORKS Community. In her spare time she enjoys: billiards, reading, and playing video games.